Surprises in Tripoli

My housemate Felipe and his juice in Havana

Ok I’m not going to give daily updates about life here in Tripoli, but I have to share two little things that happened yesterday night.

So me and my local workmate went to buy camping equipment for our trip to the desert. While we were at the store, the store owner asked me to fill in my name in the receipt, I then asked him  ‘In English or Arabic?’. He, the other store clerk and my workmate looked at me in a strange way and then he said ‘As you wish’. I then went on to write my name in Arabic (توني فرناندس) which left all three of them with their mouths open. My workmate looked at me and said ‘I wasn’t expecting this!’. I think I’m doing pretty well after exactly 1 month of learning the Arabic alphabet. I can’t write anything I want, but I can start reading things, which helps a lot here!

The other thing I wanted to mention, was that after buying the tents I met my housemate in Tripoli for dinner. He took me to a place that completely surprised me and may turn out to be my local little café in Tripoli. The place is called Havana Juice and it’s a jungle themed café complete with pond with fishies and all. I didn’t have my camera on me, but I stole this photo from my housemate. It was so odd to find such a well themed and finished café in Tripoli, that I will definitely go back and take some photos to post here.

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7 Responses to Surprises in Tripoli

  1. tt says:

    haha you didnt tell me the most important thing yet , have you found yourseld a shisha place and how is it there

    • tonyrfsa says:

      Yes I have found a shisha place in the city centre 🙂 And it has Lemon and mint shisha! 🙂
      I’m starting to like it here to be honest, still miss Abu Dhabi though! 😛

  2. tt says:

    gladdd to hear it , i had a melon shisha today it was good i had it at mirage.. am happy ur starting to like it there 🙂

  3. Leo says:

    Ironic that your favorite shisha place in AD was called Cafe Cuba and now you’re planning to make frequent use of a place called Havana…

    Good job learning Arabic… I tried that in Djibouti for 11 months and only got as far as you are right now =P

  4. Dania says:

    Hi primo, glad u r getting accustomed to life in Libya, must admit that I look forward to reading ur entries on ur life in Tripoli 🙂 Beijinhos!

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