Working a 6 day week… With some rewards at the end of the week

It’s Monday and while most of my friends start their week today and those in Arab countries started their week yesterday, I on the other hand am on my third day of the week. It’s something I have to get used to I as I will be working 6 day weeks for the next 2 years. Having a one day weekend is tough, especially if you like exploring or keeping yourself like I do. However the situation is what it is and will just have to bear it out.

The cover of the Libya Lonely Planet

In my continuing mission of keeping myself busy and exploring this country, me and some work colleagues are going to go camping in the Sahara this coming weekend. The trip initially started as a small trip with myself, a Libyan coworker and my Brazilian housemates. And what started as a group of four suddenly exploded to a group of 11, once the word started getting round about the trip. Planning for 11 can be hard as not everyone has the same tolerance for roughing it up. I’ve managed to get people to shy away from some tour operated camping trip at cushy camp with electricity and have gotten them excited about spending a night in under the stars in the Sahara.

I am personally very excited about this. I love camping! (those who know the Tony from South Africa, will be wondering what happened to me). And camping in the desert is a really amazing experience! Having gone camping by a beach twice and in the empty quarter once, I’m really looking forward to camping in the Sahara! And hopefully we’ll be lucky and meet some Touareg by the lakes.
Yeah you’re not misreading when you see lakes. The place we are going to visit is an area of the Sahara where there are about 3 to 4 lakes in between the dunes. It called the Ubari Lakes and its by the Idehan Ubari (or Ubari sand sea). One of the Ubari lakes is actually the photo used on the cover of the Libya lonely planet.
I’m also trying to arrange smaller trip to the roman ruins at Leptis Magna. This is closer to Tripoli and doesn’t require any flights. And seeing as most of my colleagues have been there, this will mostly like be me camping solo or I might have my Libyan coworker Abdul (the same guy joining us on the Ubari camping) join me.
The other nice little thing that leaves me quite happy, was that while I was speaking to Abdul about the various camping trips one of his colleagues who overheard came over and said ‘ I have been working on this project for 2 years and no one of the Brazilians has asked about doing what you want to do, no one wants to see Libya. It’s very good you are like this.’

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