When Office Furniture Attack! Libya edition

Don’t know what it is about me and office furniture. In Abu Dhabi I was attacked by office doors. My desk seemed to shift positions  and make me hit my knees and shins against the drawers. My hole punch would occasionally resist my use of it by stubbornly not budging while trying to punch holes. I did overcome these issues eventually by declaring a truce with said items. The doors I would approach in a slow but respectful manner to avoid any kind of confrontation. The desk drawers I managed to calm by keeping biscuits in them (The drawers would not eat them or anything like that, I think it simply liked the attention I gave it by leaving biscuits inside). The hole punch I realized felt used and neglected, so serenading it usually did the trick.

Now in Libya my desk chair seems to be possessed as it moves on its own accord while I am on it. I can feel my calculator and stapler snickering while this happens and I think they are in on the joke. And if it’s not enough that having a possessed chair, my bulldog clips have clearly taken a disliking towards me and have decided suicide is the only option. While I’m working away quietly one of the clips will simply just ‘fall off’ my desk (I say fall but I know they are jumping). Last Wednesday they seemed to have organized a mass suicide as when I came back from lunch there were six of them on the floor.

I’m looking for solutions to these problems but find them hard to come by.

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2 Responses to When Office Furniture Attack! Libya edition

  1. Suze says:

    Haha! I’m not the only one! Perhaps you caught my fear of office furniture during our wonderful time haha working together. You’d do well to keep one eye firmly fixed on the in-tray, perhaps the most vicious item of them all, but of course also the columns too.

  2. tonyrfsa says:

    I don’t have a fear of these items like you. They I have to keep an eye out them as they hazardous to my well being! I was attacked by another door the other day!

    And as a precaution I do not have an in-tray.

    I’m still awaiting your update email! 😛

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