Glorious two day weekend!!

One of my friends the other day said that he likes how my weekends go from being boring and normal in one weekend to spectacular the next. After my initial ‘depression’ during my first week here I had decided to try and do something different or leave Tripoli, every other weekend and so far I’ve managed to stick to that plan.

This weekend I’ll be taking advantage of the public holiday tomorrow, celebrating the prophet Mohamed’s Birthday, by going to an oasis town called Ghadames which sits close to the point on the Libyan border where Tunisia and Algeria meet.

So far Lonely Planet hasn’t let me down in Libya and this is what the author wrote about Ghadames:

“There’s nowhere on earth quite like Ghadames, which could just be our favourite place in Libya. The Unesco World Heritage-listed old city is a magical evocation of an idyllic caravan town of the Sahara – a palm-fringed oasis, the sense of an intricate maze, stunning traditional houses huddled together for company amid the empty spaces of the Sahara, and extensive covered walkways that keep the desert heat at bay.”

I am uber excited about this trip, hence the short post about it.

It’s funny how in Europe people are in the middle of the week, while our weekend will begin today!

See the link for photos of Ghadames.

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