Flirting… Libya Style

I had an interesting experience last Thursday which cracked me up at the time and is still making me laugh.

I had to go into Tripoli for some work stuff so was given a car and driver. The driver only spoke Arabic and my Arabic, well let’s just say it’s a  muskila (problems) when my driver doesn’t speak English. Seeing as I didn’t have an address, only a road name followed by the instructions ‘ask someone on the road to show you where we are’. Problem… Driver doesn’t know where the road where we need to go is. Result… Going around in circles, phoning multiple people asking for directions to no avail.

Anyway while we were stuck in traffic, the driver sees two girls in the car next to us and he decided this is as good a time as any to flirt. So he rolls down his window and starts to say things to the girls (in Arabic of course). I have no idea what he was saying but was probably something along the lines of ‘Hey baby, you looking mighty fine today! How about you give me your number and we get it on’.

She must have responded something along the lines of ‘Playa, if you want a piece of me, you give me your number and I’ll decide whether we “gonna get it on”’. I assume this is what she said as he literally decided to hold up the cars behind us so that he could give the girls his number. And hold up traffic he did as all the cars decided to vent their anger by simultaneously using the car horn.

So there we were stuck in traffic and holding up traffic, with my driver shouting his number to a car with two girls further down in the adjacent lane ( I say lane… but yeah no comment) and even though I was late and slightly annoyed all I could do was laugh!

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2 Responses to Flirting… Libya Style

  1. Sam says:

    Don’t worry tony, the swiss aren’t the only diplomats pissing Lord V off. Apparently an american diplomat was ‘overheard’ making offensive remarks about LV and they have threaten to block US businesses… I guess i can’t say much here because i might be banned as well…. shhhhhhh
    Love your stories tony. Miss you.
    by the way paul might stop by for a couple of days.. if u want anything from here let me know.

    • tonyrfsa says:

      Sam!! Miss you too! Was trying to phone you the other day but you didn’t answer!

      I’m happy you are enjoying the stories! 🙂

      Ummm I’ll let you know about bringing something. But let me know when Baul might stop by and give him my number, which you have!

      LOL considering the implactions of these little diplomatic tussels, I am well aware of the Americans possible problems here 🙂 But we need to chat soon! how about tonight??

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