Desert Wars: Return of the Tonito

Deserts. A whole lot of sand. The occasional plant. Some very particular wildlife. That’s all it is. On paper it sounds like nothing special and not worth a visit let a alone multiple visits. But in reality the desert landscapes of the Sahara are nothing but spectacular. This weekend saw me return back to the lakes in Ubari for another trip with some folks from work.

Instead of me rambling on about the beauty of the desert and awesomeness of the trip like I did on the first post, I’m simply going to say it was great as expected with the exception of the return journey. For some reason the guys at the check in desk in Sebha refused to help us and simply kept saying come back in 10min and after an hour and a half of come back in 10 minutes. They told us “Oh you’re flight just left”. After some shouting and diplomacy I got the seventeen of us on the last flight out of Sebha which was major relief. But meant we got home 3 hours after we were suppose to. And just to compound that little issue, I left my room key at work, which meant I had to sleep in the living room.

With the exception of our idiot-wait-ten-minute-man the trip was great, though I think a group of seventeen people for a trip like this is a bit too big. Well, you live, you learn.

One of the nicer things of the trip though was getting to see our drivers from last time again. Othman and Belkasem was great as usual and this time they were joined by Ibrahim, Saadi and another driver whose name I can’t remember right now. And despite none of us in the group speaking Arabic, we were able to communicate quite well with all our drivers. At one point it felt like we were doing the Dakar rally as there was a convoy of around 15 cars heading out of the desert.

Another interesting aspect of the trip was the diversity of the group. Five Brazilians, four Portuguese, two Ecuadorians, two Colombians, two Turks, one Peruvian and one South African. Three continents (four if count Turkey as Europe and Asia) present in the mighty Sahara.

After the last minute drama of trip I’m looking forward to a break from this. So no more internal trips in Libya until mid April maybe. And no more flying Libyana Airlines!

Tonito, Over and Out! 🙂

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3 Responses to Desert Wars: Return of the Tonito

  1. cna training says:

    Keep posting stuff like this i really like it

  2. amg says:

    love your blog! i wanted to ask was this trip part of a tourist package?? if so can you give me the info of who you guys booked through? thanks!

    • tonyrfsa says:

      Thanks! The trip wasn’t part of a tourist package (which a good thing, makes it more authentic this way). The drivers are friends of a Libyan friend of mine. Its all kind of self planned and organised 🙂

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