Oh, Wednesday you are a beguiling call to the weekend and I’m addicted to the sweet pitch of your siren

It’s Wednesday. My second favourite day of the Libyan work week. Wednesday comes before Thursday. Thursday afternoon is the start of the weekend. Our lousy one day weekend and even though this week is really only two days old for me, it has been a hectic one. Loads of work. Why is that work always seems to arrive unexpectedly on the day you leave for a holiday, like Dutch prostitute on Wednesday afternoon in Brugge. Murphy’s law I guess. I really hate Murphy.

I got back from fantastic weekend in Abu Dhabi on Monday and readjusting to Libya for the first time since I’ve arrived has been tough. I realized how much I miss Abu Dhabi when I arrived there. I missed being in a developed city; I missed driving in organized traffic; I missed the good food; I missed good shisha; I missed my friends; I missed my colleagues there. Ok I missed everything!

To compound the missing-everything vibe the trip started with, the weekend promised to be fantastic as I was in town for one of my best friend’s wedding. My first Arab wedding. Not only was I going to see a good friend get married, I was also going to be reunited with other good friends who travelled in for the wedding. Alex came in from London, Serdar and his wife from Saudi Arabia and Ahmed who I hadn’t seen in years came in from Qatar.

The wedding was great. Very different to the Portuguese weddings I’m used to. And to be reunited with good friends in that environment was something quite special!

Though for me the highlight was simply being back in the city where I spent the best year of my life of so far. The flood of memories as I drove into Abu Dhabi was overwhelming. Every taxi that drove past reminded me of the many, some better than others, taxi stories I have from that city. Driving down the road I used to take to work, the roads my friends lives in, past the places I used hang out at; with each place my smile grew larger. I was home again.

But that also made leaving Abu Dhabi at the end of the weekend even harder. As I boarded the plane I thought up a million excuses not to take the flight. Some better than others. But it dawned on me that every time I’m going to leave Libya for a holiday I will have similar emotions and I should simply get used to it find a way to deal with it.

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2 Responses to Oh, Wednesday you are a beguiling call to the weekend and I’m addicted to the sweet pitch of your siren

  1. Suze says:

    How about severe “I can’t move my face” sunburn as a worthy excuse? I seem to remember that one being rather convincing although not sure how it’d prevent you getting on a plane!

    • tonyrfsa says:

      Yeah wouldn’t help as it wouldn’t prevent me from flying. Just cause I like you and want to make you laugh… I managed to sunburn the front part of leg (from knees to feet)… the only bits sticking out from under the umbrella! :S

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