Best of you (that’s what you showed us Guatemala) – Guatemala Thank you

This shows the amount of ground covered

This will be the final post on Guatemala and since I’ve given an account of what happened to the Guat Squad during the trip, this is more of an acknowledgment post. This trip is by far one the most exciting trips I’ve been on and it would not be the case had it not been for the people we met and helped us. So I extend my personal thank you’s to the following people:

The Techeros

Miguel, Karl, Papito and Angie. Thanks for the rides, the dinners, the lunches, the advice, the tips, the fun, the drinks, the nights, the dancing, the nicknames and most of all the help and concern for the ‘gringos’ who travelled around their country.

Miguel, Angie and Papito, Karl

Karl’s Parents

Thank you for the amazing hospitality and help during the trip.

Randy, Karl's dad


To every Guatemalan who helped us with directions, especially the man from the petrol station who drove us out to the highway and the moped riding kids skipping school who helped us find the road to El Remate.


Thank you for being an awesome host at Quetzalroo. Thanks for the advice on the trip. Thanks for letting us smoke Shisha in the hostel.

Manuel and the Guat Squad outside Quetzalroo


Our guide in Pacaya who put up with us hysterical crazy foreigners on our dramatic hike to Pacaya, with humour even though Drew slightly insulted him inadvertently without knowing. Thanks for bringing us back down from the volcano in one piece (well kind of).

Felix, our Pacaya Guide


Our guide at Tikal, who’s knowledge topped off a fantastic trip to Tikal and definitely put Tikal high up in my favourite places in the world!

Beto, our Tikal Guide

The Guat Squad

For a group who barely knew other members in the group I think we made a pretty decent team (a team where navigation is not a strong suit). Ten days with five people, confined to cars, dorms, jungles, rivers, caves, hospitals, police stations, car rental agencies etc. will always provide ups and downs, but that’s what trips are made of. We managed to laugh at even the worst times which is a great quality in a group. Thanks guys and girls! J

The Guat Squad

For those who didn’t figure out what the theme in the post titles were. They were all song titles to Foo Fighter songs. Why? Karl’s Foo Fighters CD he borrowed us was in the radio which got ripped out of the car!

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