With a little help from my Friends

Boredom and Insomnia. That’s a lethal combination for me. When these two combine, the results are usually interesting and range from sending crushes emails about said crush or completely moving around all the furniture in my room at 4am, other times the geek inside completely overpowers the normal me and decides to study algebra at 3am.

Yesterday, the geek inside once again overpowered the normal me and decided some statistics was on the cards and at that point I felt the overwhelming need to create pie charts! My former colleague in London will be delighted that I’m one step closer to the science club.

There were two questions which were begging to be answered by pie charts. The first was what portion of my life has been spent a abroad. The second was which holiday destination is on the one I’ve spent the most time in. Below you can see the lovely pie charts which my dear friend MS Excel created.

My awesome pie charts

The results were interesting. Thirty percent of my life has been spent away from South Africa. Turkey is the place where I’ve spent the most time on holiday. I excluded Portugal and England as holiday destinations in this equation as I have been there too many times to count.

That was how I spent my insomnia filled Friday night.

Yes, its a braai day!

It was another decent weekend. The World Cup has been something different, giving me and my housemates something to do. The last two Fridays have involved watching football, barbequing and as always smoking shisha. There’s nothing better than to be by a fire while meat grills away in the sun (The Saffa in me completely takes over at this point). If there’s one thing I miss from South Africa, it’s just that, barbeques or braais as we call them back home.

What made the weekend that extra bit special? Well, yesterday one of my housemates was channel surfing when we found Friends showing on an Arab channel. It’s  been way too long since I’ve watched friends. I think the last time was in London actually. I love Friends and have watched every single episode more than once. For some reason watching the show here, finally gave this place a sense that it was home. It has definitely been my best day since getting back from holiday.

However, having this vibe at home reminds me of the 2006 World Cup. I was in the UK at the time and my friends would come over for all the games on the weekends. The living room would be filled with friends, pizza boxes, coke bottles and Playstation controls. I miss those carefree days.

Silliness in London

Intense concentration for football

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