Fly me to the moon (or anywhere that doesn’t require a Saudi Airlines flight)

Libya beckoned me to return though South Africa stubbornly clung on to me and refused to let go just yet and eventually called his friend Egypt to help out. Okay, that’s slightly dramatic, but that is what it felt like. A journey that was suppose to take twenty three hours (yes I know that’s alot but it includes connections) ended up taking thirty eight hours (including an overnight stay in Cairo).

In case you are wondering, my return journey to Tripoli was supposed to be as follows: Leave South Africa midday to Jeddah and then fly to Cairo, where I would wait seven hours for the morning flight to Tripoli on Tuesday.

What changed? Well we got a call early on Monday from the lovely folks at Saudi Airlines (yes, I’m being sarcastic!) advising me the 12:30pm flight was now only departing at 8pm. Great I thought, cause it meant I would miss my subsequent flights to Tripoli via Cairo. Little did I know that this was only the start to the drama. The lovely girl from Saudi Airlines in Joburg told me everything would be sorted out in Jeddah; All my subsequent connections would be rebooked to get me to Tripoli on Tuesday morning as originally planned. Yeah right.

To cut a long story short I ended up spending most of Monday in Cairo’s Airport reading about the oddities about being French (The Secret Life of France by Lucy Wadham), scribbling in my work notebook about the various tasks that await me back in Tripoli and as always listening to the tunes bellowing from my trusty iPod (oh iPod, how doth I live without thee?!?!), before eventually being told I would be flying to Tripoli on Tuesday Morning and I would be spending the night in Cairo in a hotel. This was after 7 hours of waiting and being whisked around various terminals and attempts at getting on flights.

It was already 6pm when I got to the hotel. I ordered dinner and told Sam to come and meet me at the Hotel. When she arrived she mentioned shisha… Considering the day I had, I was so game for that. So off we went for 2 hours or so, smoked our shisha’s and caught up on goings on since our last proper discussion.

So despite this being the worst issues I’ve ever had with delayed flights, there was a silver lining as I got to catch up with a good friend.

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2 Responses to Fly me to the moon (or anywhere that doesn’t require a Saudi Airlines flight)

  1. khadijateri says:

    So eager to get back to Libya…. lolol!

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