This Temporary Life caught in between the Mediterranean and the Sahara

Two Hundred Days! I’ve been in Libya for two hundred days! What can I say after this time here? Well, the truth is I’m growing used to ‘life’ here. The routine of work-home-work-home is occasionally broken by trip, a shisha, a meal, a farewell dinner. The World Cup and the buzz surrounding it (not to mention the trips to London and South Africa) was a welcome break from this monotony.

Now I’m faced with the problem of being slightly bored. I need start doing things on Fridays again. I’m thinking about camping again but it might be too hot for that. There is also scuba diving which I said I wanted to take up, though for that I need to conquer a little fear: Swimming in the ocean. I’ve been in the ocean but swimming in it and going underwater in it is a bit a fear which I need to face, so no better way of doing it by looking at little fishies underwater with an oxygen tank on my back.

I’ve been feeling a bit nostalgic lately and this nostalgia has prompted me to do some retrospective blogging. My last three posts have been little travel stories which have happened to me over the years which I’ve decided to share with people. Some of these stories are very well known to some of my friends, so apologies to them in advance for reading about the stories I’ve repeated endlessly in person.

In other news, and very important news at that. I have discovered the BEST shisha tobacco I have ever smoked. And best of all? It’s a Libyan brand. A couple of fellow addicts got sick of the declining standards of the shisha out there and decided to create a high quality brand of shisha. My housemate went out looking for tobacco the other day and found this brand called Mazaj. He bought it as tester to see if it was good. Boy was it good. By far the smoothest smoke I’ve ever had. All of us at home just sat in complete silence savouring the awesomeness of the shisha. Yes it was that good. Our next mission will be finding more of this tobacco to confirm and authenticate the quality.

I’ve also started my preliminary planning for my holiday in September/October. My options up to this point had been Japan or Peru. Considering that hiking to Machu Pichu has been a dream of mine and has been on my bucket list for ages, I’ve decided they in September I will visit South American soil for the first time. Depending on the number of days I’ll take I might go to Bolivia as well to the largest salt flat in the world and spend a night in Hotel made from salt blocks. A change to spending a night in concrete and masonry!

So to here’s to scuba, blogging, shisha and holidays!

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