The Bickering Bedouins: Never assume brothers are willing to share prostitutes in the Emirates

During my first trip to Abu Dhabi, my friend had his cousin organise a camping trip to one of the island around Abu Dhabi. We were a group of twenty people. We took a little boat over to the Island and set up camp by the beach and then continued to enjoy the warm Gulf waters and the sun.

A short distance away from us, there were some other people camping as well. They had a massive tent and generator and a massive stereo blasting awful music the whole day. They clearly weren’t the roughing-it-up campers we were.

Our campsite for the night. The Bediouns were camping to the left of the antenna.

At around 2am, most of us were around our camp fire enjoying shisha when suddenly a whole lot of shouting started from the camp close to ours. As it was in Arabic I had no idea what was going on, but we kept hearing someone shouting the name Hamdan. I went to bed with the shouting still on-going.

I woke up. They were still shouting!! I couldn’t believe it. They had been shouting for a good four/five hours. At this point the cause of the shouting had been discovered by the Arabic speakers in our group.

So context first. This camping group consisted of two brothers and a female friend (who was the prostitute accompanying one of the brothers). The argument started when the one brother found out that Hamdan (hence the repeated shouting of the name), the other brother, had slept with his prostitute. Clearly, brothers can share many thing, but not their prostitutes!

Result of this whole episode? Hamdan and said prostitute leave the other brother on the island, escaping on the speedboat they used to get there, and other brother phoning police to give him a lift back to main Abu Dhabi Island.

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2 Responses to The Bickering Bedouins: Never assume brothers are willing to share prostitutes in the Emirates

  1. Ha, classic. Loads of that goes on – obviously, not just in tents either – but they keep it under wraps.

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