EID-er I go to Europe or stay in Libya!

**Apologies for the ‘Sun-esque’ play on words, but unfortunately I am in one of those stupid moods**

Ramadan always prompts the start of a special activity. Research for the Eid holiday trip! Last year a couple of us from work to Beijing for the weekend. It turned out to be a very memorable experience and a bit of an eye-opening trip as China had never really been on my travelling radar until my colleagues decided on the location.

This year most of my colleagues are planning a European weekend trip. I, on the other hand, decided to do the complete opposite. Considering that Libya has some awesome landscapes to visit but I have very little time to explore these, I’ve decided not to follow suit and stay on Libyan soil and go down South to the Acacus mountain range.

I was in two minds about this trip until I saw the following photos. I haven’t camped out since March and I really miss being in the dunes! Khalas! I will be camping under the stars in September!

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