The Ultimate Taxi Story: Never Assume That Abu Dhabi isn’t Serendipitous

Before I actually tell this story, I am going to apologise to a few of my friends who when reading the title will no doubt be thinking ‘Not this story again!!!!’

I had just finished watching an Arabic adaptation of Richard III and was standing by a taxi-stop waiting for a taxi to take me home. I wasn’t the only one waiting at the taxi-stop as there were three other girls and two older women who were all talking to each other. I was on my own listening to music on my iPod.

How an Arabic Adaptation of Shakespeare changed Abu Dhabi for me

I got sick of waiting for a taxi so I decided to phone a taxi company to pick me up, however this was the first time I had been to this area of the city so I had a bit of trouble explaining to the taxi company where I was. I was attempting to describe where I was one of the girls who was with the other group was looking at me and basically telling me that my directions were correct. Being the friendly soul that I am, and as a thank you gesture for the help, asked her and her friends whether they wanted me to get them a taxi as well. They accepted my offer.

So after asking for two more cabs, I joined the female group and started chatting to the girl who helped me out with directions. We basically just exchanged a few pleasantries but for some reason this girl intrigued me. When her taxi finally arrived, we said our goodbyes and even said ‘hopefully we will meet again’ or something of the sort. She got into the taxi just as I realized that there would be no way I could meet her again if we didn’t exchange contacts.

The taxi drove off and I was left standing there thinking “Great! You meet someone who is potentially interesting yet you don’t get any contact information, not even a name.” I went home with the confirmation that I truly am an idiot (though I knew that already).

Now in all honesty, I am the type of person that can quite quickly develop a crush on someone, but that’s usually after one on those long engrossing conversations. With Taxi-girl (as she came to be known) it was different, it was instant. Something about her left me wanting to know more. I was intrigued. I was fascinated. Though, after failing to even provide any contact details I was resigned to the fact that I was just stupidly unfortunate and would just have to accept that she was one of those mystical girls you meet once and like instantly, then never meet again.

After telling some of my friends this story, a close friend which I know since our days as engineering student uttered the words ‘Re Finally… You’re too stupid!’ (This sentence makes no sense to most people reading this. Only those who know this friend of mine, knows it means ‘Mate you’re effing stupid and you don’t deserve to talk to anyone again!). My friends in an attempt to prevent my stupidity from taking over in similar future situations  attempted to ‘train’ me by forcing me to hand out my business card to anyone I was meeting for the first time.

What happens next might sound like something a Rom-com writer made up, but I assure you, it’s not.

Two weeks after my moment of stupidity I was waiting at a very busy taxi point in front of a mall with my housemate. We were chatting and I was just looking around when I happened to gaze towards the longer end of the queue. I saw someone in the queue that looked familiar but couldn’t quite place it. I looked away, but then did one of those movie-like double-takes. NOOO… My eyes must have been messing with me. It was Taxi-girl. She smiled which I assumed was a smile of recognition and affirmation as if to say ‘Yes, I’m the one who helped you get a taxi the other day.’

I hesitated and then walked over and made the uber stupid joke “Do you need another taxi?” She laughed (out of fear perhaps?). She was with one of her friends who was with her the first time we met, and the other one came out of nowhere when I approached Taxi girl. Considering the long queue we were able to chat for a while longer this time and well, the intrigue did not abate, the more I talked to her, the more I wanted to know. So we talked for a good couple of minutes and this time, we exchanged names. I’m sure I had made a horrible impression on the two friends as I was kind just concentrating on Taxi-girl.

My colleague (who I abandoned shamelessly) was now at the front of the taxi queue and I had say goodbye (even though I could have easily miss a million taxi’s to keep on chatting to her)  as I had a friend waiting for me (at the same place where I first met Taxi-girl). I gave her my card and told her it would be nice to meet up for coffee or something along those lines. With that I left and got into my taxi with broadest smile imaginable.

This little act of Serendipity ended up making my already amazing experience in Abu Dhabi into an experience and a year I won’t soon forget. And yes, the story does continue, but I’m not in the mood to share more.

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