Eid Mubarak Folks!

Eid Mubarak Everyone!


Tonight I’ll be puffing away at my shisha under the stars and the crescent moon in Sahara desert. This will be my third excursion into the desert since arriving in Libya. Though this time will be visiting an area I haven’t before. The Acacus mountains (Check this post for photos).     

I have my tent, sleeping bag, shisha, iPod and ,a special purchase for the trip, the book Arabian Nights. These three days off for Eid couldn’t have come at a better time. I’ve been exhausted and slightly stressed out from work, so a long a weekend in the wilderness is exactly what I need.      

 I won’t be able to post this tomorrow, but to all my Muslim friend, wish you all Eid Mubarak!       

Before I finish,  on a completely, and I do mean completely, unrelated note, I just want to share a story that me laugh. I was busy ready the blog of a colleague and I found this gem of a dialogue (Translated from Portuguese). My colleague was going to Scotland on holiday and was being asked about his trip by a colleague.  Other Colleague : Hey Mark! So what adventures are you going to have for this holiday?       

Colleague : This time I’ll be doing a road trip in the UK for 10 days, visiting castles and the like.       

Other Colleague: Interesting! Is there anything in particular you are going to visit?       

Colleague : Yeah, actually I’m going to a castle in Edinburgh. They have a statue of William Wallace at the entrance.       

Other Colleague : Oh wow! That’s really cool they have a statue there! I’ve loved that movie ‘Charlie and the Chocolate factory’!       

Colleague : Umm… Actually, that’s Willy Wonka. William Wallace is the bloke from Braveheart.       

Other Colleague: Ahhh… righ. My mistake. Ignore that!       

Colleague : No problem. But come to think of it, I’ll try and see if can visit some Umpa Lumpa’s!     

Wallace and Wonka... They are easy to confuse...


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2 Responses to Eid Mubarak Folks!

  1. Natalia says:

    Hi I just ran into your blog looking for how to write “blessed” Mubarak .. and I ended up reading a bit.. I was wondering if you could help me I’m confused that image is Eid Mubarak? Blessings to all??

    I need to learn how to write blessings only 🙂

    • Tonito says:


      That’s how you would write Blessed. Though don’t quote me, I’m not Arabic and don’t speak it well and read it very poorly 🙂 But from everything I’ve seen during Eid, Mubarak means blessed and above is how you write in Arabic.

      So the image means bessed festival (eid is Festival)

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