Lift Up Your Weary Head (Or suffer the consequences)

The day I got back from London, we didn’t have any electricity water at our compound so to combat the boredom, a couple colleagues and I decided have a shisha outside. After some good smoking, the exhaustion got me and I fell asleep while everyone was chatting away. They found this amusing and photographed this.

Today I we got to work and found this in my inbox… The email below (originally in Portuguese) was distributed to most of the people on the project.

The Ministry of Health together with WHO are launching a new campaign against smoking. This time they are attacking the smoking of Shisha, commonly known as Nargile.

In this campaign, information about the harmful effects of Shisha are also appearing on boxes of cigarettes sold on newsstands. The photographs illustrated them are high-impact, and according to the WHO should be reduced by 50% the number of smoking narghile. Below is an example of the photographs used in this highly effective campaign:

Let this be a lesson to all of you! (No, I’m not going to say, don’t smoke shisha!) Never allow your colleagues to take photos of you when you are at your most vulnrable.

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2 Responses to Lift Up Your Weary Head (Or suffer the consequences)

  1. Emma Parker says:


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    I am one of the team at and we’d love it if you were willing to share some of your stories with us, with a link back to your blog?

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    Looking forward to hearing from you.

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