You shall not win, you wretched insect!

I’ve never really had too many issues with flies that is until I moved to Libya! Initially I thought the flies had it in for me as they followed me everywhere! They wouldn’t let me work in peace, smoke shisha in peace, sleep in peace, surf the net in peace!

The Libyan Flies ready for deployment!

And they are feisty f*ckers (pardon the French). You swipe your hand at them, the buzz away and then think “What the hell, let’s have another go at the fatty!”

I then found out that Libyan flies are more daring than the flies I’m acquainted with from South Africa and the UK. They seem to provoke you and when you think they’re gone, they come back to make sure that vein in your forehead becomes visible.

I really do hate them!

Expats and Libyans of the Jamahiriya lets unite against these horrible little creatures!

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4 Responses to You shall not win, you wretched insect!

  1. Munim says:


    Your blog rocks man…very interesting.

    Keep it up…


  2. khadijateri says:

    my theory is that they work for internal security…lolol

    • Tonito says:

      HAHAHAHA! Khadija, I read this while waiting in the line at immigration at customs and burst out laughing out, quit loudly… needless to say my sanity was severly questioned thereafter! 🙂

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