One last “Woo-hoo” for Raleigh… Wait, Where?

I’m sitting in the departures lounge in Raleigh International Airport (at least, that’s what I think it’s called) waiting for my flight to Miami. I had never heard of this city (neither had some of the other British passengers on the flight. I had a very strange feeling when leaving Tripoli yesterday. There was something quite relieving about going somewhere else for longer than 3 days.I haven’t felt this before with any of my previous trips, so it was quite odd. Could it be the very undefined nature of my trip? I’m not sure yet.

Connections... That's been a central theme in my travels this year!

For once I didn’t over do my schedule for my overnight stay in London. I went straight from the airport to have dinner with former colleagues and friends. From there made a quick pit stop at an aunts house to pick up a specially purchased item for this trip. A DSLR camera! I’m quite excited about this as my tiny Sony point and shoot has served me well, but I really want to start taking some really good photos and considering some of the landscapes I’ll be visiting, I think a good camera would be necessary.

Fifteen days of spontaneous excitement await me in Miami and Peru. Guat Squad member and sleep depriver, Oli, and Walsy (who haven’t found nicknames for yet), have stuff planned for my two day stay in Miami, but refuse to inform me what these plans entail. At least they are local, so it’s not a case of the blind leading the blind. I’m also still waiting for friends (in Colombia) to let me know whether they will be joining me at some point. And I might visit a friend in Arequipa, but that depends on the rest of my trip.

There is something unbelievably liberating about not having a plan. I really am loving this whole not-knowing thing.

Here’s to the unknown.

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2 Responses to One last “Woo-hoo” for Raleigh… Wait, Where?

  1. Lash says:

    Sounds like your’e having many fantastic adventures out in the wide world! I like your writing style…

    I,too, am a long-term world traveler. i’ve been on the road 12 years so far.. and still going. I’m always happy to find other long-term globe trotters!

    I put a link to this website on my travel blog. I’d appreciate a cross-link, if you’d be ever so kind. And maybe we can meet up somewhere someday out in the world?!

    cheers, Lash

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