I don’t want to play football (I want to tailgate instead)! – Miami Part 2

I wake up, to find Oli still asleep, which I have to add is a miracle, as she has the properties of a hyperactive Duracell rabbit. With Olivia nursing a slight hangover we packed our things and got ready for the day ahead, which coincidentally I knew nothing about, as Oli refused to enlighten me on how she would keep me entertained.

Olivia's face upon realising she'd been had

The first task of the day was moving to another hostel for the night, though this time we would be right on the beach. It was at this hostel, that I got my own over Oli. Oli wanted to pull a trick on me. The trick was that Leo, who was suppose to be unable to come over to Miami for the weekend, would appear at the hostel while we were checking in. Once I recognized him, Oli would attempt to convince me that it was not Leo.

However, Leo wanted to reverse the trick onto Oli and I was all to happy to oblige. So when we arrived at the hostel, Oli told me that this guy in the lobby of the hostel looked a lot like Leo. I had a look and just pretended not to recognize him. Then Leo went and stand next to us by the reception desk. I looked straight at Leo and once again pretended not to recognize him. Oli having seen that I look Leo in the face, stood there unable to understand that I wasn’t recognizing Leo. She kept looking at Leo and then at me and laughing to which I asked “what the hell is wrong with you?”. At this point, Leo and I burst into laughter and let into the joke that I knew he was coming to Miami. Oli’s reaction was an expletive filled tirade into how we could do this to her.

After our little trick on Oli, we left the hostel to have breakfast, after which we went for a walk on the beach. We sat there on the beach just enjoying the nice warm weather.

After this we headed to Oli’s friend, from the previous night’s, house where I was told what the plan was for the day. Tailgating. When Oli said that without an explanation, I kind of thought we would be chasing women with sizable rears. To my disappointment tailgating actually is a party held at the open tailgate of a pick-up van in the parking lot of a stadium before a game. We would be tailgating the college football match between University of Miami and Florida State University. However our tailgating party had a another purpose: We would be promoting the Un Techo Por Mi Pais NGO.

Enjoying a Shisha

Before we left though, we had a shisha at Molly & Alex’s place, where I also met Walsy, a friend of Oli, I’d been in email contact with for while but never actually met. Walsy and her boyfriend, Luis, also stayed in my house in London while they were in Europe.

We bought some supplies before heading out to the stadium. We arrived there and got our stuff out and set up our tables promoting Un Techo while I set up the shisha. It didn’t take long for folks to come over to the table and ask about the NGO, while we enjoyed drinks and the carnival atmosphere. Alex, Molly and Oli would tell them about the organisation while Leo photographed and Walsy, Luis and I were smoking our shisha.

Tailgating and Promoting Un Techo in Miami

Sharing words of wisdom over a shisha

We stayed there until the game started and then everyone went their separate ways. Leo, Oli and I headed back to our hostel where we would spend the night. Once again exhaustion took over and we all went to bed after some dinner and a walk along Ocean Avenue.

The next day was all about chilling out. We headed out to where Leo lived and had some breakfast in the area, before spending the rest of the afternoon in his house having a final shisha before leaving. With that my time in Miami came to an end. It was great to see Leo and Oli again, and also meeting some Oli’s other friends and Walsy and Luis.

Next up: Peru Baby!

** The photos on this post are courtesy of Leo Neves**

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2 Responses to I don’t want to play football (I want to tailgate instead)! – Miami Part 2

  1. Great post… Now would you mind terribly–ahem–giving credit where credit is due?

    • Tonito says:

      If it’s the photo credits you are talking about, I did add the Photo Credit: Leo Neves bit, but for some reason it refuses to appear. So I’ll just put a note on the bottom.

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