This ain’t a scene… It’s a post-holiday mild depression with the bonus of illness!

I’ve been back in Libya for just over two weeks now and  I can say that the post-holiday depression gets better with time. Apart suffering from the customary I-wish-I-was-still-on-holiday syndrome, I’ve been struggling with a persistent cold who like the little engine who could, just doesn’t give up. Add to that the fact that I’ve been completely overloaded with work since coming back, hence the delay in posting about Peru (There are still a couple of posts to go). However there is always a silver lining. Next week is the Eid Al Adha holiday across the Muslim world, which means 4/5 days public holiday which I am using to go to South Africa. The thought of eating real food again is simply fantastic (I was reminded what real food tasted like in Peru, but then got back to the excuse for food provided at work).

Just another week until I’m by the pool with my family enjoying some biltong (and the shisha of course!)… Just another week…

PS I should have all the Peru posts done by next week in order to resume normal blogging activities.

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