From the Colca Canyon to Lima bidding farewell to another great country – Peru Part 11

Those of you following the Peru post will have a sense of deja vu every time you start, as its always the same story. I wake up early. Today was no different. Early wake-up call. Another breakfast of bread, jam and coffee (A full English would be awesome right now). We’re all back on the bus and heading towards the Canyon. The itinerary for the day, is a visit to Condor Pass, where we will see some condors and have a great view of the Canyon. The drive to the Canyon, is stunning. Beautiful view along the whole route, complimented by great weather.

The Colca on the way to the Canyon

All the way we stop at several spot to photograph the valley and start of the canyon and every single one of these locations, there are hawkers selling off their tourist wares. We finally arrived at Condor Pass, where I break away from the group and find a spot to simply sit alone and take in the stunning beauty of the Canyon. It’s while sitting there I realize that it would have been so much better to actually walk along the canyon base, along the river (as some other, though, longer tours were offering).

A hawker and child peddling their wares

Suddenly the crowd gathered the pass are excited. They’ve spotted a condor. I go and see what the fuss is about. In the distance I can see two condors, but even my new uber good camera couldn’t get decent shots of them. After spending an hour at the pass, we were on the road again.

The specks in the photo are Condors

The stunning Colca Canyon

We snaked down the side of valley to a small town where we made a pit stop. Not much to see except for a church. We’re soon back on the road again towards Chivay where we have lunch. Another one of those tasteless buffets, but hey at this point I’m so used to it, there’s no point in complaining and it’s still better than the food given to us at work in Libya! After lunch we are back on the way to Arequipa.

The small church in town

The bus dropped me at the hotel where I’d stayed when arrived (and left my big backpack). Before going up I went for a quick walk around the plaza and the surrounding areas. I bought a few more souvenirs for me to take home and then walked back to the knowing it was my last walk in Peru. Back in the hotel, I changed my clothes and freshened up as I smelling rather foul.

The plaza in Arequipa

Walked to the square again where I got a taxi to the airport. It was a full moon night and one of the volcanoes surrounding the town looked stunning in the moonlight. I arrived at the airport; checked in and boarded my flight to Lima, where I would spend the night in the airport.

Blurry photo of the moon and volcano

I arrived at Lima, and after going the whole holiday without any stomach issues, it now decided it was time to give me issues. I had to buy some pain killers for the stomach cramps and was thankful for the clean Lima Airport toilets and not the ‘rustic’ (in other words, filthy!) Tripoli airport toilets.

I spent the rest of the night on the internet (I wanted to avoid sleeping so I could sleep on the flight). The plan worked, the flight had barely taken off and I was asleep.

That was it. The holiday I had been wanting to take for so long was over. I was really sad to be leaving as I felt I didn’t get to see everything, didn’t get to do everything I wanted, but I guess that’s the nature of holidays. You always feel like you missed out on something. However, what this holiday made me realise is that I definitely want to return to South America!

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