Look out Libya!

I am quite happy and excited to announce that I am now a contributor to the Look Out Libya website, a site dedicated to sharing information about Libya to expats living in the country and those thinking of moving here. It is a pretty good project created by Emma Parker, an Aussie expat, living in Libya and its grown exponentially from its humble beginnings. The numbers of contributors are growing (keep in mind these are all voluntary contributions)

Snapshot of the site

Emma contacted me a couple of weeks ago to ask whether I was interested in being added on their blogs about Libya database and whether I’d allow them to republish some of my posts about my travels in Libya. I was not only flattered by the fact that my website caught the attention of the Look Out Libya team but also very excited to contribute to this fantastic project.

I will now form part of their team and hopefully contribute even more and use this a tool to discover  more of Libya.

So check out the website. If you know anyone who is considering moving to Libya, share the site with them as it is one of the few places you will find useful information for expats.


A big thanks to Emma and the rest of the team for accepting me into their project.

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