I left on a jet plane and my brain died!

I flew to South Africa for Eid break with Egypt Air. To be honest not the best flight I’ve had, but surely beats Saudi Airlines. Old planes, not the greatest cabin crew, horrible entertainment though the food wasn’t that bad. Though there is something which I cannot, wait, WILL not forgive Egyptian Air for. They severely abused my human rights. Not only mine but all passengers on my flight. The inhumane treatment we were subjected to needs to be subject of an enquiry by the UN human rights commission.

What was this infringement? The outdated entertainment system on the flight (shared TV monitors) was playing one of the Twilight Saga movies. I don’t know, and don’t care which one it was, but it is completely unacceptable. I understand there are a few girls (and boys, who drive on the otherside of the road, If you know what I mean) who enjoy the utter tripe that are those movies, so I guess that should be allowed to watch them. However to subject an entire plane to forcibly watch that rubbish is just plain offensive!

Where is Wes Snipes when you need him!?

What did I do the airline do deserve that?! What did we all do?! The world as I know it has become a poorer place!

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