We have the facts, but we’re not telling you!

Tomorrow the 3rd EU African summit is held in Tripoli and the city and its people are abuzz with excitement, expectations and all else associated with events like this. However over the last week rumours have been abound about possible days off, national holidays, road closures, airport closures etc.

At this point there is no official information on the issue, which I assume is intentional to avoid any security threats. So the nation eagerly awaits more information… And when there is no official information, rumours start spreading. The things I’ve heard already are quite amusing but instead of just repeating them, I’ll just let you read two posts on the topic which made me laugh… (click on the name of the Blogger to see the post)

The first is by local blogging celebrity KhadijaTeri, who puts up some of the rumours that have been going round. Some funny, some might be true and some might not be so true. Though my favourite one remains:

There will be a curfew – anyone caught outside on the streets will be shot on sight

The second is a blog I just recently discovered by Wispa Jones, a British teacher in Libya. The post is quite funny as it compares the imminent announcement of the ‘public holiday’ to the snow days in London (which I never got to experience in my six and a half years in London.

Chances are – if you happen to be a teacher in Tripoli – you’ll be a wee bit excited right now by the prospect of the Libyan equivalent of a Snow Day: an unannounced couple of days off work.  Hold your breath, educators, for the 3rd Africa-EU Summit could be the answer to your prayers!

Unfortunately for me, HR has not given us any notification of a day off therefore I will be slaving away at work tomorrow!

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2 Responses to We have the facts, but we’re not telling you!

  1. Wispa Jones says:

    Hi Tonito,

    Not half an hour ago, my phone rang with the news I’d been longing for. Only it wasn’t the news I’d been longing for; turns out that as only a public holiday has been announced, rather than a national one, school will be open as usual.

    Now I have to go out and buy credit to filter this down the ‘Telephone Tree’…

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