Bury me in (Shisha) smoke on Thursday nights

When I moved into the compound back in July, I was slightly apprehensive about the whole thing. Four months later, I’m quite happy about living on the compound. There are drawbacks, such as lack of taxi’s in the area, lack of shops etc. However the positives outweigh the negatives.


The humble beginnings of Shisha Lounge

One of the big positives is living on this compound is that out of the inhabitants of the 10 houses, 8 houses have people of roughly the same age. Which means that there is always someone to chat to, smoke a shisha with, laugh with, be bored with etc.

The summer months meant that most evenings after work, some would gather by the pool, while on Thursday nights and Fridays, were barbeque days. This was always fun as meant some good food, music, shisha and general banter. We have the Ashra Hiash Boys (10 house Boys), our own guitar hero band. We have our rotating pool domino tournaments. All in all the summer on the compound has been good fun.

With the winter almost in full swing, the compound atmosphere has changed a little. No more pool related activities. The Ashra Hiash Boys are still in  full swing. However in these winter months the compound, especially on Thursday nights, turns into something else.

Our very own and exclusive shisha lounge. We gather as many couches as the house inhabitants allow us to steal (or borrow); create a small central fire; gather the chair around said fire; prepare shishas; put on some good music and there you have it. The 10 House Shisha lounge!

Serious discussion always better when there's smoking from the mouth

It really good fun and reminds me of winter braais in South Africa (without the shisha). It really is a good way to spend a Thursday night after a long week at work and even that most people on the compound join in even though they don’t smoke.

I might have lost some mobility with the move to the compound, but I think the fun we have there outweighs the loss of that mobility.

The Shisha lounge grows


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