Peru (and Miami) – The Epilogue

I wanted to write to a general post on the trip to Peru and Miami however I’ve been inundated with work and other things I wanted to post about that I simply could not fit this one in until now.

Finding my around Peru

Let me start with the Miami part of the trip, which to my surprise left me wanting some more of the US. I obviously understand that Miami is not representative of the US, however I found it an interesting place which increased my appetite to visit the US. Miami is such a melting pot of cultures and people and at times so far removed of what I expected a US city to be that I couldn’t help but like it.

It definitely helped having local friends to keep me entertained the two days I was there. Therefore some quick acknowledgements… To Olivia, for driving me around and always trying to make sure I was having a good time! To Leo, who flew in especially to make sure we made it to five countries we’ve met up in! To Walsy and Luis for the bottle of Orange Rum, which is waiting for them in London on their next visit. Finally a thank you to Alex, Molly, Mohammed and others who were simply just awesome to hang out with.

Then there was Peru…

When I decided I was going to Peru, I spoke to some friends who live in Latin America and asked them if they wanted to join me for all or part of my trip as I didn’t really want to do it on my own. There was interest on their part, but work prevented them from going. In the end I just accepted that it would be a solo trip.

I’ve done solo trips before, but they were always weekend trip and most of the time to places where I know people, apart from four days spent in Oman. I loved the solo trip to Oman, so I decided to give the solo trip to Peru a fair chance. Looking back it, I’m happy I went on my own.

When I travelled to Guatemala earlier this year it was in a group of five people and it was a lot of fun. However this year has been a bit of a hectic one emotionally and I needed space from people and time to organise my thoughts thus travelling on my own would be a good opportunity to do that.

Granted, that when you backpack and stay in hostels, you aren’t always on your own and if you want to chat with people, you’re more than likely to end up talking to someone who is doing exactly what you are, travelling on their own (otherwise known as “Finding yourself”). That is what happened, when I wanted to be alone, I was alone. When I wanted to chat, I could find someone to pester for a while. But for the most part I decided to be alone, especially towards the end of the trip as I did need time for my thoughts.

There are also practical reasons for travelling solo. The independence. You are not dependant on anyone’s… food tastes; bowel movements; teeth brushing routine; bladder; distrust of the shifty looking taxi driver; annoying habit of walking into every shop but not buying anything. On the other hand no one is subjected to my foul moods in the morning and many other annoying traits.

For lack of a better cliché, the trip was liberating and I will not even hesitate in doing it again. This doesn’t mean I now only want to travel solo, but it has made me less apprehensive about it.

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