No clubs; No bars; No problem… We have Expat Blog for entertainment!

One of the first things I did when I arrived in Libya was join an expat website, Expat Blog, which had a very active forum with a lot of useful information for people who are thinking of moving to Libya or have just arrived. However, the Libya forum is quite active and at times explosively fun. I do not go there as often as I would like but on Saturday, sneeked in a couple for a couple of minutes and found this post which had me in stitches all day as it really is an accurate portrail of the forum.

All credit for the post goes to one of the regular contributors on the forum, funnyman extraordinaire… Mudman!

Expat1 “I bought a schawarma today for lunch, it was the worst I’ve ever had”

Expat2 “I agree, the schawarmas here are terrible! Can’t wait to go home and get a good schawarma. LOL”

Local1 “Sorry, you didn’t enjoy your schawarma, but if you goto my friend’s cafe, you will get the best schawarma. Not all schawarma’s here are bad”

Moderator “This post should be in the Classifieds section”

Expat1 “Thanks Local1, will try it out “

Local2 “The schawarma’s here are better than in your country. If you don’t like them, leave”

Expat3 “All schawarma’s are bad. Can’t believe you can’t get Tacos here “

Local3 “The schawarma was probably made by a non-Local, Local schawarmas are the best. We don’t like non-locals who can’t make schawarmas”

Local2 “You want Taco ? Go home and eat Taco. I ate Taco once in your country and I was ill. And so was my dog that I gave it to when I couldn’t finish it. Even rats wouldn’t eat your taco”

Expat3 “You sound like the dumb local did in the schawarma shop when I asked for a taco. As long as your country fails to provide meat filled snacks from two different countries, it will never be anything”

Local4 “My friend told me about this forum, so I’ve joined to make 1 post and to be indignant about the way Expats talk about our schawarma. I will never post again, so don’t worry”

Moel “I prefer smoked salmon, cream cheese and fresh basil on a bagel”

Local2 “Mo, we know you don’t like Local food, you like US food. Why do you have to always go on about it ?”

Former Expat1 “I’m glad I now live in <<another country>> where there are a plethora of meat filled snacks. I will keep reminding you of this at every opportunity”

Expat55(Expat2 pseudonym)“I’m going for schawarma tonight with my friend, anyone care to join us ?”

Local4 “OK, I’ll make 2 posts, then leave. I’m going to tell all my friends to come here and slag off the meat filled snacks in your countries”

Julien “Please, no more food topics”

6 months later

Newuser1 “Hi, I’m new (and statistically, Canadian) where can I get a good schawarma ?”

and go back to the top….

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2 Responses to No clubs; No bars; No problem… We have Expat Blog for entertainment!

  1. Morad says:

    Julien should seriously consider rewarding us for our hard work.

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