Cold Desert! Wherefore art thou cold?!

Thursday we had small gathering at the compound. Outdoor shisha lounge? I think not! It was 6 degrees Celsius that evening. I forgot how cold Libya can be as I only experienced the end of winter when I arrived. It is easy to forget that it does get cold in Libya, especially when you think that a couple of months ago we were braaing and smoking shisha by a pool in quite warm temperatures. This last week we have been reminded that it can get relatively cold in Libya (I know, I have some cheek writing about cold weather when Europe is covered in snow).

Cold Winter Nights at the Compound

Since last week, outdoors time has dwindled drastically as temperature have dropped considerably. Suddenly, shisha’s are being smoked indoors with the heating on. All my jerseys and jumpers are out and in use, though they look a couple of sizes smaller than before due to some ill conceived washing, either from me or the current cleaning lady (I have yet to assign blame though I suspect I might have a part to play in the shrinkage mystery!). The company provided blankets which can be safely used as an anchor for a small boat, is out of the closet as well in use (severely restricting my movements in bed).

On another note, yesterday I ran out of food in my house, and my car owning housemate (who takes me to the supermarket) is away on holiday leaving 4km between my hungry stomach and the closest supermarket. The African wild instinct in me came out and I went out scavenging for food around my neighbours houses, though fear of the hungry African kept their doors closed and me hungry. So having decided that I was not going to eat butter and cheese for dinner, I braved the 4km and walked to the supermarket armed with my trusty iPod. This being the first time that I have walked in the area, I actually found it a pleasant walk (though wearing shorts was rather foolish).

I will definitely do this walk again but will take my camera to record some the of the stunning metalwork at display (I’m referring to the gates of the properties in the area) not to mention the stunning sunset. I also discovered that there is a tobacco store that stocks the brand of shisha tobacco that I smoke, thus rendering the painful trips to Gargaresh (the overly congested equivalent of Oxford street in Tripoli) redundant.

And to be fair, the exercise will do me well. It was an hour return trip walking at a leisurely pace, however as usual in Libya you always had to keep your wits about you due to the ‘erratic’ driving (Wikileaks has had me rethink my working) and the inexistence of sidewalks.

As a bit of sidenote, I think the snow falling on the blog is awesome! I wish wordpress did sandstorms as well!

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