Christmas in… well in this case, Tripoli.

Even though you don’t really feel it is Christmas over here, I have been thinking about the holiday quite a bit, especially after speaking to my mom today and her update on my dad’s yearly clambering up trees and hanging Christmas in the garden routine. Usually when I’m in these pensive moods I listen to music and one song that I keep listening to, is a song by Afrikaans group Zinkplaat. It’s called Krismis in Kampala and was written about a trans-African trip the group did soon after finishing highschool or university. I’m not sure whether they actually spent Christmas in Kampala, but the whole point of the song I guess is about spending Christmas away from family.

This video doesn’t exist

En ek dink vanaand aan almal wat ver is/Dis Krismis in Kampala

Translation: Tonight I think about everyone (family) far away/ Its Christmas in Kampala

For some reason this song comforts me, as I think the message in the song is ‘You might be away from your family but think about the story you will be able to tell about this Christmas whether its good or bad’. That message resonates with me. I like it. So this song is dedicated to everyone who will be spending Christmas away from home. (I’m not even going to try and translate the lyrics and the song would lose its appeal)

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2 Responses to Christmas in… well in this case, Tripoli.

  1. I’m lucky. My wife’s parents also work in Abu Dhabi. So we have Christmas together which makes it easier.

    Still it doesn’t really feel like Christmas….

    • Tonito says:

      Actually, its not really the location, its more not having the family around. But oh well, no use in complaining 🙂 Congrats with the addition to the family

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