The man that can’t be moved (as he is stuck to the bumper of a car) – Part 1

It has followed me. Now I am following it. An omnipresent image since my arrival in Libya. I see it everywhere. It taunts me. The image is shrouded in mystery, some people haven’t noticed it. Others have and chose to ignore it. I haven’t. I noticed and I wanted answers. Before you think of answering I’ll tell you: No! It’s the omnipresent image of he-who-must-not-be-named, there’s no mystery there. We all know who he is and why he looks down on us from everywhere!

The ubiquitous sticker

I know, the suspense is killing you! The image I’m rambling on about is that of a silhouette of a man walking with a walking stick and carrying a backpack. Seems innocuous enough, doesn’t it? Problem is I kept seeing this image over and over again in the form of a sticker on cars. I couldn’t help but wonder why everyone had this sticker on their cars. Was it a bumper sticker that come out with some car product and everyone stuck it on their cars? Was it the logo for a company or establishment in Libya? I didn’t know, though I never thought of asking someone.

Some more of the walking man

I just kept seeing this sticker everywhere. Little did I know what an interesting story this sticker represents…

To be continued…

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2 Responses to The man that can’t be moved (as he is stuck to the bumper of a car) – Part 1

  1. Blair says:

    You’re killing me here Tony. killing. I can’t handle the suspense.

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