The man that can’t be moved (as he is stuck to the bumper of a car) – Part 2

Continuing from the previous post

I kept seeing the image of this sticker everywhere, but had no idea what the sticker was about, that was until I met Emma, creator of the Look Out Libya website. We were talking about Libya etc. when she happened to mention the sticker. First thing I thought was, that at least I was not the only one who noticed the sticker!

She went on. Apparently the sticker is of a  young Libyan who was travelling the world by foot. AHA!! The mystery is semi solved! But I needed to find out more. Emma told me he had a Facebook page but couldn’t remember his name. I left my meeting with Emma, wanting to know more about this Libyan guy. A google search didn’t help me much. To be fair “Libyan man walking world sticker” is never going to give you much to work with.

Fortunately Emma had his name somewhere and sent it to me. I found his Facebook page and read the brief summary he provided of his trip. As someone who loves to travel and dreams about traversing Africa from top to bottom, Omar’ Attaira’s story fascinates me. But what is even more fascinating is the has become somewhat of a cult figure in Libya (hence the sticker) and he has over 2000 fans on Facebook (Yes, I realise this is nothing in comparison to the spawn of Satan that is Lady Gaga).

See the excerpt from his Facebook page to get an idea of his adventure

Because of my great love for nature, travel and exploring the world and cultures, I began in 1997 my trip around the world on foot, after preparations and exercises that lasted for years in my home country Libya. I set out from my home in Benghazi city in the eastern part of Libya to start my long on-foot trip to Egypt, and this trip was the first step in my travels around the world, and from there I continued walking on foot across: Asia, Europe and Africa. I crossed 76 States. On my trip, which lasted 8 years and two months, I explored the life, history, geography and cultures of different people and environments, and I took thousands of photographs. During my trip, I also experienced lots of difficulties and hardships; I survived Turkey’s devastating earthquake that occurred in 1999, and I crossed the Victoria Falls in Africa, the second greatest waterfalls in the world; and I also survived an attempted murder and kidnapping in the jungle, and I was about to be prey to Africa’s lions. I also suffered from a temporary paralysis in the left arm in the middle of my trip. I was the first to fly the flags of Libya and the African Union over the crest of the highest volcanic mountain in the world; Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, where it took me three days to climb and reach the summit.

I hope to one day be able to have stories like this to tell people (YES, I do intend on being that annoying old man who always goes “Have I told you about the time that a Gypsy woman stole a watermelon off me??”), so people who do trips like this fascinate me and I can spend hours speaking to them (Like I did with a kilt-wearing Scot in Oman). I realise to some people who read the first post might feel a bit let down by what the sticker represents, but for me it was really cool.

If anyone who reads this blog, knows Omar or knows of him and his journey, tell me about it.

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2 Responses to The man that can’t be moved (as he is stuck to the bumper of a car) – Part 2

  1. Blair says:

    cool! no disappointment here!

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