They didn’t forget it’s Christmas!

Sometimes we (My colleagues and I) complain about our company and how sometimes they seem to not look out for us. Yesterday at least, we were silenced. The company held a very nice Christmas Eve dinner for its employees who had to stay in Libya over the festive period and I was honestly impressed with the efforts made to make us feel like it was Christmas. I might not have been able to spend my Christmas with my family but at least I didn’t have to spend it alone.

The dinner tent

Where I didn’t have my FAMILY here, I had a substitute family. My work colleagues and friends. Yes they are the people I work with. But they are also the people I hang out with after work; with who I smoke a shisha with; the ones who I laugh with; the ones I complain to; the ones that mock me; the ones that I mock. Like it or not, they are the people who I’m here with. They can obviously never replace my family, but they certainly made my Christmas slightly better.

Ready for Dinner

Pre-Christmas dinner Shisha

Though there is another reason my Christmas was not all bad… Shrimp… 🙂

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2 Responses to They didn’t forget it’s Christmas!

  1. Rose says:

    Love your blog, enjoy New Year in London!

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