Lock, Stock and One Hand-luggage Sized Bag for New Years

Having anticipated that I would be working on Christmas day and that I would unable to take a day off due to staffing issues (The new guy always gets screwed!), I managed to talk my way into get New Years day off. Having done that I went on to book a ticket to London for that weekend. I wasn’t going to take a day off and spend the passing of the year on a compound in Tripoli without a drop of cheap champagne!


Two Awesome New Years with some Awesome friends

Why London? Truth be told I didn’t want to spend New Years on my own somewhere and my other options (where friends would be) were a tad expensive and didn’t have direct routes from Tripoli. Then my friends from Portugal with who I’ve spent two brilliant New Years parties with, told me they would be spending it in London with a friend who recently moved there. Sorted. I am going to gatecrash their do!

Also, London has shrimp. Brilliant Shrimp. I like shrimp, a lot! Not just any shrimp, a very special kind of shrimp!

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