The one where 2009 and 2010 went into battle. 2010 won hands down!

This is the time of year when those horrible cliché Best of … Posts, Articles, programs etc appear and I truly want to say I don’t like to participate in this cliché-fest. However, the truth is, I do. As its time to reflect on the year that’s just passed and remember the things that made this year worth living. I remember leaving Portugal in January this year en route to Libya and now we are already in December. This year has gone by in a flash and I’ve barely had time to think about it. But I’m thinking about it now because of something I said to some friends at the start of the year. We were talking about 2009 and I said quite confidently, “I don’t think 2010 can even come close to being as amazing 2009. Seriously, if 2010 is even half as good as 2009, then I’ll be happy”. Well as always, life has decided that I can’t have the last word and 2010 has been just as good and maybe even better than 2010.

So here is my tribute to 2010, but instead of just writing about it, I’ll let some photos do the talking. Here is my 2010 highlight reel:

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I wish everyone a simply AWESOME 2011!

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