London beckoned reunions of New Years past…

New Year = Champagne + Party + Friends

The equation above meant I refused to stay in Libya to spend New Years Eve. I managed to get New Years Day off from work (It was merely another working day for us). I flew to London on Thursday night in what turned out to be quite an eventful flight. A drunk Scot for some reason started hurling abuse at the Libyans sitting in the same section as him. I don’t know the reason for the man to start shouting but I know it wasn’t a very smart idea as he was arrested on our arrival in London (making the rest of on the plane wait a while to disembark as witness statements had to be taken by the police).

New Years in London was such a whirlwind as I had to squeeze in saying hello to friends, visiting family and spending time with someone very special. I was somewhat lucky as two of my best friends from South Africa were in London on holiday at the same time, which meant we could have a little reunion (gate crashed by our favourite Aussie Sheila).

The London Eye all lit up (photo not by me)

I managed to reunite with the Lourenco’s and company for another slightly less destructive New Years bash. I’m going to sound whiny but New Years in London was a slight disappointment. I really didn’t feel the same vibe I feel when I spend New Years Eve in Madeira. When the fireworks went off, our group of around 15 were the only ones who really seemed to celebrate it by shouting, hugging, drinking champagne and just generally being happy that a new year has started.

But, in the end, we made our party. For most of us the night did not go on until too late as some of our crowd wandered off to house parties unknown, others had a bit of trouble standing up (Alcohol induced paralysis? Ummm I think not! hehe) and others well, just went to bed (Age catching up?).

We reconvened the next day, to have a shisha in Edgeware road with my some of my friends. I know… There’s always a shisha, but how on earth could I have started 2011 without the fruit flavoured pipe of death? 🙂

Even though the celebrations were a bit of a let down, I did have a good time, with some old friends, some new friends and someone quite special, which made the trip very much worth it in the end.

That my friends is (not) how you spend new years in London, but it does perfectly well.

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