Blogiversary – One year after dipping my toes into the sea of blogging

I don’t usually do the mashing two words into one thing ie blogiversary and usually hate this habit of mashing words, but hey, I guess I’m allowed to be a hypocrite sometimes. This post will not be whinging one about Libya, or one about how Libya is awesome or even about my newfound love for ‘shrimp’, it will simply be about blogging. Yes my friends, some introspection for today.


The blogging station

Just for your information I did try the blogging things once before but it didn’t really work out (Yeah I know, it’s not a girl!). I simply never knew what to write about but this was because my blog was suppose to be topic-less, theme-less and eventually, in the end, post-less (A bit of a lie as I did post a couple of times). I guess when you don’t limit yourself to certain topics you can actually have too much to write about and in the end you end up not writing anything at all. So after a while I just stopped.

This blog on the other hand was not born as a way of redeeming the blogger in me, it was a fruit of laziness really. I arrived in Libya and was receiving many emails and Facebook messages asking me what things were like here. It became tiresome repeating the same email all the time, that I decided “Enough of this repition!” and there in that moment of laziness Travelling Tonito’s Adventures in the Sahara was born. I know, it’s not the most convincing of starts, but hey, it doesn’t have to be perfect.

I thought a blog would be a good way of letting people know how I was and how things in Libya were, that way whoever was interested could simply go to the blog and check out what I was rambling on about and for those who simply didn’t care, well they didn’t have to go to the trouble of reading my ramblings. This also in the end helped me narrow down what I was going to write about: Life in Libya.

Looking back I think that it was very good tactic on my part as it meant I wrote a lot (which helped me get used to blogging) as the start of living in new place is when everything is new and exciting and you want to share it. I think it’s quite obvious from my first posts that this was the case. All the excitement meant that I always had something to write about. Then I also started travelling in Libya which gave me more reasons to blog. I was really enjoying blogging and it was also becoming a sort of therapy for me; a way of releasing tension and frustrations without having to hit things (like playing football, squash etc.)


Blogging from anywhere!

Blogging about trips I had just done, then led me to reminisce about stories from my pre-blogging trips, this led me to write about previous trips and people I met on several of these trips. This definitely gave me more to write about. I was now really a certified blogger. An addict. I loved blogging. It was my therapy. I had the honour of being considered as one of the top ten blog by an expat in the South African Blog Awards.

This blog has also lead to interesting opportunities as the creator of Look Out Libya, a website for expats in or coming to Libya, found my blog and invited me to join the website as a writer. It’s in an interesting project which I happily joined.

One year on, I can say that the best thing I did was start this blog. It has been a great coping mechanism for me here, as when I have nothing to do, I blog. It has also been a great way of showing Libya to people out there. I found so little information before coming here, that if I can in any way help people coming to Libya give them an idea of what to expect, I’m happy.

So, all in all, blogging is awesome! J Also, thank you to you who read the blog!

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5 Responses to Blogiversary – One year after dipping my toes into the sea of blogging

  1. raquel says:

    You’re welcome, my Shrimp! 😛

  2. Emma Parker says:

    HUGE fan of blogs – keep at it! Long life the blog!

  3. Emma Parker says:

    *live. Long live.

    Tired. Very tired. Is it Friday yet?

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