Keep it down next door!!

After the Jasmine Revolution in Tunisia, the Egyptians have decided that they might want a change as well (the Papyrus Revolution?). News channels and papers are going into overdrive (hoping?) things take a turn for the worst in other countries in the Middle East and North Africa; they clearly want more. They want Tunisia to be the spark in a chain of events that will keep their keyboard and cameras happy as they happily report the fall of authoritarian regimes in the region…

Meanwhile in Libya… (Long silence)… According to the BBC things have been quite here. There may have been a curfuffle* or two at some residential building projects after a (misunderstood?) public address from He-who-must-not-be-named (click here to see how what little information we have is shared). Curfuffles aside, these noisy neighbours could make things slightly difficult for foreigners (or so the BBC hopes).

Anyway, my blog is not about politics and certainly isn’t about politics in Libya, so I’ll get to the point of the post: Why do revolutions have a colour or name? Why can it not simply be The Revolution!? Fair enough if there has been more than one revolution I accept naming them might be helpful for those with memory issues. Boredom overcame me and I decided to look for list of colourful revolution names and this is what I found (on this site):

  • Portugal: The Carnation Revolution
  • Czechoslovakia: The Velvet Revolution
  • Georgia: The Rose Revolution
  • Ukraine: The Orange Revolution
  • Kyrgyzstan: The Tulip Revolution
  • Tunisia: The Jasmine Revolution
  • Egypt: The Papyrus Revolution?
  • Libya: The Coffee and Cigarette in hand Revolution?
  • Algeria: The Pistachio Revolution?

Who knows? But it is a fun game! Guess the name of the revolution!

*Yes, I know Curfuffle is an odd word! But I remembered it while writing this and couldn’t resist not using it especially with all those f’s!

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