Red light indicates that you need a break!

I got back from my last holiday in October and since then I’ve completely overrun with work. Even though I’ve had two little mini breaks (South Africa for Eid and then London for New Years), I really haven’t rested at all since the Peru holiday (and even then, I didn’t really rest there as I was exploring!).

Burnt out...

I’m now at the stage where I’m close to feeling burnt out. Very close. Perilously close. This morning I woke an hour and a half before my alarm clock and couldn’t go back to sleep as my head kept running back to work. Though there was one little highlight of waking up so early, I got to hear the dawn Azaan*. It suddenly shook my mind back to Istanbul where I was first introduced to it. For a minute, I was relaxed and calm… Then my mind came to the earth shattering realization it still had to think some more about work. Silly me for trying to relax.

So in an effort to take my mind off things, I’m going to do something this weekend I haven’t done in a while: Explore! I really miss travelling around Libya and have been pretty lazy about it lately! This week however I have decided enough is enough! I’m going to get my arse off the bed and do what I love; Travelling. As always I suggested a weekend trip to a couple of people and they seemed keen to break up the monotony of our dull Fridays.

I managed to gather a group of seven who want to go up into the Nafusa mountains and explore the towns in the region. It will be my second time in the mountains, but this time I’m heading deeper and further away from Tripoli. We will be staying in the town of Yefren and exploring the surrounds.

Qasr Al Haj (photo by Cassio N) and Yefren

I’m quite excited about travelling again and hope it will help me relax (at least for the week before I travel to South Africa).

*Azaan: Muslim prayer call

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