O tempo Pirraça…

There is something about time that makes me think it’s not linear and somehow, has a mind of its own. It seems to know when we want it to go by fast and when we want it to slow down, and it does the opposite. Time simply toys with you, which is why the lyric from Vanessa da Mata’s Pirraca came to mind as it is all about how time doesn’t move when you want it to. My mind is counting down to Thursday 3:30 pm. The words BA899 runs along in front of my eyes like the screensaver. The clock simply slowly ticks towards (against that milestone)
Quando à tarde no trabalho
Quero que o tempo passe
Os ponteiros do relógio
Só me dão o tique-taque

Quando eu encontro os amigos
Para tomar um café
A rapidez que não tinha
Sem disfarçar
Parece brincadeirinha

Pirraça – Vanessa da Mata

Until that time and date, I will be swimming in a sea of work and stress. Then after that… a long awaited twelve day break. These twelve days will be split between my family in South Africa and my girlfriend in London (Odd how two years ago, I was trying to avoid London like the plague and now I see myself returning every few months)

The South African portion of this trip will start off with a bit of a bang! Why? Well I have tickets to watch U2 at the FNB stadium in Johannesburg. I will be joined with my brothers and my friend (and former colleague from Abu Dhabi), Fabio, who is working in Mozambique and is coming over for the concert. However I am really looking forward to just spending time with my family.

A week later I will be in London. Five days with my girlfriend will be exactly what I need before heading back to Libya.

For now though, I shall swim to towards the beach of holiday against the strong current of work!

*English Translation:

When I’m at work in the afternoon
I want time to pass by
But the arms on the watch
Simply give me a tick tock

When I meet friends
For coffee
Time gains the speed it didn’t have
Without disguises
It’s like little prank
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