For the passportless in Libya (There is hope after all!)

In my hands I have this little burgundy (not the British burgundy) booklet. In this booklet it says where I’m from. It also has a few pages with Arabic writing stating that I am allowed to work in Libya for another year. It also contains a page saying that I may re-enter Libya between now and a certain date. After last Thursday, I realized that I love this little booklet, otherwise known as a Passport.

My burgundy love...

This booklet is now the equivalent of ‘freedom’. I will destroy anyone who stands in the way of me and this booklet. I will bludgeon anyone to death who wants “look at the photo”. From now on, my passport will be treated like a part of me. I will never let it go. Immigration can pry the booklet from my cold dead hands before I give it up voluntarily.

After a month of having my passport shifted from drawer, to desk; from one coffee and cigarette smelling hand to the other , I now have my passport back and officially ready to travel again. I’m scheduled to fly on Thursday. I’ve had to re-jiggle my plans a little, but it now means I’ll be in London for the start of my holiday and South Africa for the end of it (That is if my credit card cooperates).

For today some good news. Tomorrow is a public holiday, the celebration of the prophet Mohamed’s birthday (here’s an interesting article by Sarah from Look Out Libya on celebrating Miloud). I can’t say the timing of it is perfect and there is the possibility that I might have to work tomorrow, but at least there won’t be anyone bothering me.

So to all Muslims out there, Happy Miloud!

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12 Responses to For the passportless in Libya (There is hope after all!)

  1. raquel says:

    LOLOL My sweet Drama Queen…..

  2. Blair says:

    So any curfuffles in Tripolli of late? or are they generally confined to Benghazi?

    • Tonito says:

      curfuffles generally confined to Bengazi. So nothing to worry about here for the time being 🙂

      • blair says:

        This is one of those times when I really wish I had some alternative means of contacting you. I hope you’ve gotten out unscathed!

      • Tonito says:

        Blair, don’t worry, I was lucky as I left Libya on Thursday for my holiday. I’m safe in London bit traveling to south Africa today. Most of my colleagues have been evacuated, the rest should be leaving today. Will be posting soon on the blog.

  3. Jennie says:

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  4. bronwyn says:


    I am contacting you from Carte Blanche in South Africa. We are trying to get a journalist to Libya and are looking for South Africans to speak to. I would be grateful if you could drop me an email letting me know how I can make contact with you….an email address and contact telephone. I look forward to hopefully hearing from you.

    Kind Regards

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