Libya: My thoughts are with you!

I’m currently writing this post on plane on way the home to South Africa. The last six days were spent in the UK with my girlfriend, which is always good, however, they were also six days of intense worry. If anyone hasn’t followed the news, here is a quick recap. Libya is in turmoil. The revolutionary wave that has been coursing through the Arab world reached Libya. Lets get things clear, I’m not here to talk politics, so I’m won’t.

The unfortunate turn of events means that my project is suspended and our expatriate staff is being evacuated. There were a couple of tense days when I could not get hold of anyone by phone, email, facebook or any other means. Fortunately a colleague of mine had gotten through to the folks there and told me that they were being evacuated. This news left me slightly more relaxed but then something else dawned on me: What about my Libyan colleagues.

The news goes on about expats being evacuated and how they fear for their lives… But what about the Libyans who remain in Libya during this unsettling period? They are left to fend for themselves while we enjoy our comforts abroad back home. What about my Libyan friends and colleagues that I worked with? I really am worried about them and their families.

My thoughts are with the people of Libya, my Libyan colleagues, my Libyan friends and with anyone who is in this country during this difficult time. I hope that I will be able to return to Libya and see the people who made stay up until now a fantastic experience.

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6 Responses to Libya: My thoughts are with you!

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  3. Amir says:


    Very glad to hear you’re safe and well bud, it was great to catch up in London and re-live some of the fantastic MENA tales/experiences from everyone.

    I hope you eventually get confirmation your peeps in Libya are also safe and well.

    Take care and see you soo (wherever and whenever that may be),

    • Tonito says:


      Was awesome hanging out again mate! Yeah was good momentarily living those experiences again!

      Regarding Libya: All of our expatriate staff are out, but still have no word on some of my Libyan friends…

      Speak soon!

  4. My thoughts are also with the people of Libiya. I hope peace will come soon and they will prosper.

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