I’ve decided to change the name of the blog, because at the moment, things are a tad uncertain and my adventures shall not be taking place in the Sahara. The situation in Libya doesn’t seem to have any light at the end of the tunnel at the moment.

Once again my thoughts are with my Libyan friends who are still in Libya stuck in the chaos, while we watch on from the outside… (Those who are watching, as the earthquake in Japan has diverted a lot of attention from the Libyan struggle)

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5 Responses to Ch-ch-ch-chaaaaaaange….

  1. This whole situation in Libya is annoying me. People are getting killed and they fight about shit in the UN….

    • Tonito says:

      Yeah. Almost a month before the UN made a decision… Bloody useless bureaucrats…

      • Mario Rosado says:

        Tony … this is the most brave moment for a Tonito’s Adventure … go there now and get a tomowak for free with the complements of UN … bloody hell why they don’t bomb now the Somalia and their pirates, why they don’t bomb Zimbabwe, and why they don’t bomb the Portuguese Parliament … they are killing people in Portugal … democratically … of course!
        Nevertheless … keep up with your adventures … around the world and keep us posted. cheers!

      • Tonito says:

        Thanks Mario! Will do! Will keep you updated on the adventures! Might be in Portugal end of April for Easter, will let you know! 🙂

  2. Mario Rosado says:

    Come my friend and i show you a little be of Lisbon … 🙂

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