All Roads Lead to Home…

After six days in London, I was off to South Africa to spend some quality time with the family. Initially I was only going to be in South Africa for 6 days but due to the crisis in Libya, I extended my stay at home for another week in order to take advantage of few extra days of summer (and the family of course).

This is Home. This is me.

My last two visits to South Africa have been real chill out sessions, considering that all my other holidays involve travelling to faraway places and exploring, these chill out sessions are exactly what I need when I am home. Also keeping in mind that I barely spend time with my family, these trips to South Africa are brilliant as I get to spend time with my family, which in my case does not only refer to my parents and brothers, but also, aunts, uncles, cousins, baby cousins and family friends.

Missed being a kid and playing on the grass

There is always the “prodigal son”-esque braai where all the family pitch up to find out how much fatter or thinner I got, what god forsaken places I’ve visited this time, why I’m still unattached and why I don’t move back to South Africa among other questions. In all honesty I actually really enjoy these gatherings. It’s just nice to have all the people that mean so much to you in one place, curious about you. This time, there was also the added dimension of relief that I was not in Libya.

Sunset in Thabazimbi

My days in South Africa were typically spent, waking up late, having coffee with my mom and just chatting about things. The rest of the day was spent watching TV (Cricket World Cup is currently underway), doing some errands for mom and then having dinner with family in the evening.

Where most of the day was spent... Yes. I was a vegetable!

Most of my friends do not live in my town anymore, so seeing them requires me to drive to Pretoria to meet with and usually spend the night with them. It’s a pity as it means I don’t get to spend as much time with them as I would want, but unfortunately that’s just the way it is.

Love the sky in this photo

There is another reason I like to stay home when I’m in South Africa. I love our house. We’ve lived there since I was baby, and it’s changed over the last 27 years, but I’m lucky to still live in the same I house I grew up in.

After 15 days in South Africa I returned back to London to spend some more time with Raquel. Might as well use this time otherwise we will only see each other every three months for only 15 days…

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