Libya sleeps alone tonight (with the sound of bombs)…

I was busy writing a post about Libya yesterday and specifically a part about my Libyan friend Abdul, of which I hadn’t received news since I left Libya. Every day I would try and call him, but never got through and yesterday, while writing about him, I thought I’d give it another go. Usually it just goes to the default message in Arabic saying the number is unavailable, however yesterday it rang… I waited to see if anyone answered but no-one did. I hung up.

A few seconds after, my phone rang and Abdul’s name appeared one screen. I hesitantly answered. To hear the voice of a friend, which you weren’t sure was still alive, brings about a feeling of relief that I can’t even begin to explain. The tears were close to flowing; that’s how relieved I was. We spoke briefly and he told me he and his family, and some other Libyan colleagues were fine.

After a month of not knowing, I now feel so much better and hope that they can remain safe during this difficult time for Libya and her people.

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2 Responses to Libya sleeps alone tonight (with the sound of bombs)…

  1. razzlemonster says:

    One forgets how real it is until it happens to someone you know.
    My thoughts are with Libya & the people too.

    • Tonito says:

      Very true. I’ve had the good fortune of never being in the position before, but now know how it feels. Let’s hope this is not a drawn out conflict…

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