When a joke sadly becomes reality…

Halfway through my stay in Abu Dhabi I was asked whether I’d like to relocate to Tripoli to work on one of the company’s projects there. This was in June. I was told I would be mobilized to Libya by August. The Libyan Immigration department had other ideas… My visa took six months to be approved however every week I was told that in two weeks I would be mobilized. So every two weeks I would have a going away dinner, only to be told “You’re not leaving just yet”.


After the umpteenth email from me saying “I’m staying for a bit longer”, one of my friends sent me the email below… Even though the start is funny, it’s eerie how the end is actually happening right now… As always, my thoughts are with the Libyan people!

I predict that Gaddafi will wage an intellectual war on Switzerland by forcing them to have opinions on various topics causing mass hysteria in the country as the Swiss can no longer handle living life not being neutral…

Sarkozy will sieze the opportunity to earn some more global brownie points by challenging Gaddafi to a fencing duel, which shall be refereed by Angela Merkel in a tight PVC outfit (trying to get the ‘sexy’ vote I imagine)…

Gaddafi has a last minute change of heart and instead substitutes himself for the Lockerbie Bomber who, despite suffering from terminal cancer, slowly prods Sarkozy to a bitter death…

The French Resistance abduct Gaddafi for his cowardice and put him in the ‘stocks’ where they taunt him with smelly cheese and hit him with giant baguettes…

The Libyan people are outraged and chaos breaks out on the streets as numerous attempted coup d’etats are launched against the Libyan army causing a huge civil war…

All the foreign investors and contractors are driven out of the country and Libya as we know it is never the same.

Tony, you will never go to Libya.

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