Desert Days are over…

Anybody who reads this blog regularly will know how much I love the desert. The desert, hold on, the Sahara Desert, was one of the reason I loved being in Libya. It was a childhood dream come true to spend a night in the Sahara and I was fortunate to spent more than one night during my stay in Libya. The more I think about those nights in the desert, the more I want to go back and spend more time there.The thing about deserts is that its stunning but at the same time the harshness of the landscape and environment always keeps you on edge. Then there is also the silence… I remember my first night in the Sahara just being awestruck by the silence… It was beautiful. I’ve been reminiscing so much that I decided to make a little video about my visits to the Sahara. It aint too long and just consists of photos from my various trip there with the backing track being a song from Tuareg musicians called Tinariwen.

Tinariwen are the creators of music genre called ‘Desert Blues’… After listening to this music on every trip to the Sahara I understand how the music came about. It mesmerizing guitar riffs reminds me of the never ending dunes in the desert… I loved this music before going to the desert, but after listening to it in its birth place, I’ve gained a new appreciation of it.


This video doesn’t exist

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5 Responses to Desert Days are over…

  1. Amjad says:

    Man you have too much free time … toooooo much!! hahaha

  2. I love the desert. We go dune bashing as much as possible but I actually go for the peace and quiet and the stars.

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