When a schizophrenic becomes an Arab…

After living in Arab countries for over two years and being infused with the culture during that time, there are things that have stuck with regardless where I am. The other day I went to Mediterranean, Middle Eastern and North African restaurant with several people (mostly friends of Raquel’s) and at the end of the brunch we asked for Moroccan tea. Usually Moroccan tea is poured in a particular manner, though the waiter simply left the pot on the table with the glassed and left…

The Arab in me (somewhere deep down) genuinely felt disgust at this lack of tea pouring etiquette and felt compelled to do the honours. Needless to say that everyone thought I was slightly deranged but I didn’t care… Moroccan tea cannot be poured in any willy-nilly way. That’s how I know I’ve lived in Arab countries too long.

Taking over tea pouring duty (Photo Credit: Joao Soares)

There is also shisha… Yes, I’ve cut down a lot, but still is something I thoroughly enjoy! I’ve had a shisha twice since coming back and despite not having the awesome Mazaj tobacco from Libya, I was in pure ecstasy of having the sweet taste of shisha smoke leaving my mouth…

Sweet scent of shisha smoke....

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2 Responses to When a schizophrenic becomes an Arab…

  1. Hey love the hubly!

    No it’s a Shisha goddammit. 🙂

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