When the sun shines in London, Londoners show the world their legs…

Anyone who has lived in London for amount of time will know the city is famous for its unpredictable weather. I say unpredictable. It’s actually quite predictable. It’s always dreary and cloudy. However, when the sun comes out from its long hiatuses, the city transforms itself into a tremendous city. People are friendlier, the city seems prettier, and any patch of grass is filled with people absorbing every sun ray to its maximum potential. The English themselves joke about this as can be seen in the video clip below.

To everyone’s surprise, the last couple of days have been very sunny in London which meant that Londoners donned their shorts, sundress and flip flops and filled every little bit space the sun shone on. Raquel and I were no different. The past Saturday we decided to spend the day at Kew Gardens, 121 hectares of gardens and botanical glasshouses between Richmond and Kew in southwest London which contains the largest collections of living plants in the world.

We made ourselves a picnic pack and spent the day just chilling out in this fantastic place. The gardens are one of those great places London that I can’t believe I’ve only had the pleasure to visit now (Two years after moving away). The place is beautiful and tranquil (until you get to the lake and see their ill tempered swans). We spent the wandering around the gardens, taking photos (actually that’s only me), taking naps in the sun, picnicking between the flowers and simply appreciating the stunning (and rare) sunny London weekend.

For those of you haven’t been to the gardens, I highly recommend it as it is something exceptional. It is a slice of paradise in the urban jungle that is London. See the gallery below for some photos…

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2 Responses to When the sun shines in London, Londoners show the world their legs…

  1. I’ve been in London on 2 occasion for holiday. On one of these trips the sun finally broke through and it was a bank holiday nogal. I know exactly what you mean! Everyone was outside!

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