London has Secrets too… Part 1

The thing I missed the most about London (apart from my friends), was the cultural life. London is a city where you can have something different to do every single night of the week. These cultural activities can range from the theatre, opera, musicals, cinema, concerts and a multitude of other things to do. This weekend I did something which I wish I knew about when I lived here: It’s called Secret Cinema…

Tell no-one...

The gist of Secret Cinema is the following: It’s an event based on a movie. You buy your ticket, but you do not know the location of the event is, nor do you actually know what the event is or what the movie is. All you get is a location a couple of days before the event with instructions for what to wear. It’s all a secret, the name says it all. Their line is “Tell no-one!”.

I won’t spoil the experience, by saying what the current movie is until the current event is over, but what I will say that it is a great way spend a couple of hours in London. It’s an interactive movie experience that puts you right in the movie of the night before the actual screening. Click on the Secret Cinema image for their website and look forward to a unique experience.

After our Secret Cinema experience, all dressed up!

PS. I will write more about my Secret Cinema when the current events are over.

PPS. Thanks to Umer for introducing me to this!

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