Mozambique… The Land of Smiles awaits me!

I’ve just arrived back in London after spending ten days in Portugal exploring the country of my heritage (posts will follow shortly). While I was there I received one piece of news, the destination of where my adventures will be taking place: Mozambique. The central coastal city of Beira will be my home for the foreseeable future.

Travelling Tonito's trajectory

As you can see on the map seems like my journey in life is slowly leading back towards South Africa, however that does not mean that the “motherland” is my final destination because, as always, life can completely and utterly unpredictable.

I had offers to work in other African countries but Mozambique stood out for many reasons. This is to new adventures (this time slightly closer to home)… Watch this space for more!

What awaits me...

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2 Responses to Mozambique… The Land of Smiles awaits me!

  1. Mario Rosado says:

    In did a nice place … maybe we will meet there 🙂 since now i’m travelling also there … you will not get ride of me so easy :))))

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